After the World War II, the population of Iran had a rapid growth and the process of Iranian economy enjoyed an accumulative improvement. This increased their need to build residential, administrative and commercial buildings. Since it is not possible 'to build' without 'materials', thinking about producing building materials became prevalent.

Until then, doors and windows were made out of wood, but special climatic conditions in some areas coupled with the extensive growth of technology led to an increased inclination toward using iron and steel. Importing different kinds of "Profiles" to manufacture doors and windows, alongside "steel pipes" for" supplying water" and" urbanization" increased dramatically to such an extend that this industry became one of the requisites of "urban life" and" city-dwelling". But the need to this industry did not cause dependency on foreigners. Those who were interested and involved in this global industry attempted to localize it, however, the pipe industry was established in the world more than a century after the pipe industry had been established.

The history of this industry in Iran returned to early of 40s. Prior to that, iron profile was manufactured in a workshop that its machinery had been designed and made by the founder of this industry in Iran, deceased Engineer Fathi. But with the beginning of 40s, factories producing "iron profile" came into existence.

What is distinctive and astonishing in this regard is that" steel pipe and profiles industry in Iran" is the sole national industry in the country which its professional and organizational "identity" is as old as itself. The point is that, in the late 40s and when the formation of "civil institutions" was of historical importance, the intention“ to prevent injustice of the suppliers of raw material and foreign goods" and "the need for coordinating the productions of units according to the requirements of society" and "consumers protection" led the producers of this industry to establish a "professional association" with all missions expected from a civil, "national", "professional", "economic" and "industrial" institution.

Consequently, on November 26, 1972 A.H.S, Founding Board of "Syndicate of of Pipe and Profile Manufactures" announced its existence. By 1978 the number of producers of steel pipes and profiles came to 11 factories. in 1984 Syndicate members, in an" organizational", "professional", and" civil" measure, made several changes.

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